Stretch Ceiling in Florida The technology of stretch ceilings is specifically designed for the comfort of the client. It allows for all essential work to be completed in a short period of time, and tries to minimize any discomfort to the customer during the installation. The exact dimensions of the ceiling configuration are recorded and inputted into the special software that calculates the exact pattern of the canvas taking into consideration all the corners of the ceiling, and the shrinkage coefficient that provides uniformed distribution of the stretch ceiling. The manufacturer cuts the pattern to the needed size and welds special 'harpoons' on to the pattern's edges for secure fastening. The pattern will be delivered to the job site within 2 weeks. The pre-tensioning work consists of attaching special metal profiles on to the structural elements of the room on which the harpoons of the ceiling pattern will be fixed to. A laser is used to level the metal profiles during installation. The profiles come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of design requirements. Brackets for attachment and leveling of recessed lights, chandeliers, and other mechanical systems such as A/C grills and fire sprinklers are installed. The ceiling pattern gets hanged and uniformly heated. The pattern hooks up to the profiles in a specific order to prevent any possible folds and sags. As the ceiling canvas cools it shrinks stretching the fabric to a smooth, leveled surface. Reinforcement rings get attached to the surface to prevent any distortions during puncturing of openings for the installation of brackets for lamps, A/C grills and other mechanical systems. Around the perimeter a ceiling plug is installed.
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