Stretch Ceiling in Florida MATT SATIN LAQUIRED MARBLE STYLIZED SUEDE EXCLUSIVE PRINTED The Matt Finish Textures Provide a Flawless Ceiling That Is Perfect for Interiors Done in Classical and Traditional Styles. Satin Finish Imitates Traditional Ceiling With a True Plane Surface. At The Same Time A Straight Light Reflection And The Pastel Shades Give Stylishness To The Interior. The Lacquered Texture Is The Most Popular One In The Interior Decoration. A Glossy Ceiling Has A Mirror Effect And Visually Enlarges The Premises. Bright Tones Of The Lacquered Textures Make Interior Spaces More Expressive. The Lacquered Textures Visually Enlarge The Ceiling Height. Especially Dark Colors Emphasize This Effect. It Is Possible To Create The Bright Unusual Interiors By Combining Colors Of Lacquered Textures. A Mirror Effect Of The Lacquered Textures Emphasizes The Irregular Ceiling Shape. Warm Sunny Tones Will Add Some Light To Any Premise. Dark Chocolate Colors Will Bring A Note Of Nobility And Elegance. From The Earliest Times The Marble Is One Of The Precious Materials For The Interior Design. The Style Texture Has Practically The Same Effect As The Clossy Foils But Also Have A Pearly Lustre. Suede texture is ideal for installation of the stretch ceiling with sky effect. Using The new foil F110 it is possible to do the stretch ceiling of a big size where the separate "clouds" will be joined in all the sides.The special labels along the edges of the repeating drawing allow to weld quickly the seams in the production
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