Stretch Ceiling in Florida video Shajbu,shajbu This is best hockey movie I have ever seen. Maybe this is nostalgia, but our generation grew up on it. It Is from the middle of the 60th, from the time , when Russian hockey just debuted on the world hockey fields. It was the time, when hockey was the most popular sport in Russia, but all hockey equipment was being inherited from upper level teams, and sticks for Youth hockey were straight(no right or left). We bended blades in our kitchens in heating radiators after boiling in water. (Canada had not sold patent on use of bended sticks to the Soviet Union due to the Cold War and Russia could get the right to use them in professional hockey only. I did not verify this information but this situation was explained by our coaches in this way). Maybe this movie has a litle bit different style, then normal American movies of that period, but I like it. Hope You will like it too.
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