Stretch Ceiling in Florida The revolutionary technology of Stretch Ceilings has gained a leading position as the primary ceiling finish material in the European market. Due to the unique physical characteristics of the fabric, Stretch Ceiling is currently the best solution for the interior renovation of residential and commercial interior spaces.The technology is based on application of high-strength, and, at the same time, elastic polyvinyl chloride film. The strength of PVC film is confirmed through the use in stretch ceilings for decades. Stretch Ceilings do not crack from structural deformation and are not afraid of impact. They do not change their properties when the air temperature drops from -5 and rises to +50 degrees Celsius, and do not require periodic maintenance. They keep the original color for the full duration of their use and do not fade in the sun. If, after a period of time, the ceiling loses its luster it's sufficient enough to just wipe it to bring back its original shine.The thin and light PVC film, tailored to fit the exact measurements of your room, is heated to a 50-70 degrees Celsius, and is mounted on the frame that was previously installed. As the material cools down the ceiling surface contracts, developing tension of up to 50 p/lf, and forms an absolutely smooth and even surface that hides any imperfections and irregularities in the existing ceiling.There is virtually no dust, dirt or debris during installation of stretch ceilings. Finishing or processing the main ceiling is not required (no need to remove popcorn or perform a prior leveling of the surface). Only plastic and fragile furnishings and electronics must be carried out from the premises. Installation of suspended ceilings will bring little or no inconvenience to the owner.High humidity in the room is the main culprit in the destruction of ceiling materials like gypsum board or mineral fiber board. Thanks to the waterproof film the formation of condensation and mold is avoided. Furthermore, PVC film can withstand up to 10 liters of water per 1 sq. ft., and after its removal, specialists can easily restore the original shape.Stretch ceilings come in hundreds of different colors and textures (matt, lacquered, satin, suede, patterned) and allows you to create a surface of almost any shape - arched, sinuous, conical, etc.. They can be attached at any angle or in different planes. They are perfectly designed to accommodate sharp and smooth transitions from one plane to another. With such a versatile material selection and pliability, you can combine different fabrics and shapes in a single ceiling to create an ultra chic design.Because of its versatile application Stretch Ceilings are perfect for almost any room, in each case providing indisputable advantages: the possibility of a unique design - for residential and office space, moisture and chemical neutrality - for pools and bathrooms, bactericidal film for children and medical institutions. Stretch Ceilings can be adjusted to individual tastes and design preferences and can fit easily and seamlessly into any style from classical to hi-tech.
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